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Bahrain - Six Years Six Conflicts


Protesters clash with police in anger of injustice, discrimination and corruption.

Panic entails as these kids turn and run like hell, one still carrying his fire extinguisher and another still carrying an un-lit molotov cocktail. I start running with them but try and regain composure as I stop, turn round and snap these kids running past me until it would seem that I am the last guy there. I turn and join the last few lads as you hear the guns firing about 30 feet away. We all run down a little side street and in through a metal door into someone's house, upstairs and onto the roof.

I say kids because that's all they are. It was extremely interesting to see that, within this group, the eldest lad could have only been about 17... if that. Some where as young as eight. It certainly came across like this was just a bit of entertainment for them. Where we would go and play football in the park, they would go and taunt the police and have a bit of fun doing it... allbeit with slightly higher risks than a game of footy.

Up on this roof and roofs in the distance were spotters. Standing there with their heads held high trying to peer down into the alley-ways of side-streets and whispering into their mobile phones. The police had come up the road and were kicking the doors in of the houses we had just ran past. It was only a matter of time before our door was about to be kicked in. We all sit their squatting on the roof listening to the bangs of the doors slamming against the wall as they've been kicked open get louder and louder.

We all share a look, Benji and I slightly more worried as we definitely don't need to be getting caught any time soon, especially as the Formula One race was well underway and the two 'lost fans' excuse was way past redundant. Then BANG..... the sound of a metal door being violently kicked open came echoing up the empty and hollow stairwell.... our door.

Rick, Sitra, Bahrain: 21st April 2013.
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