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Burundi - Six Years Six Conflicts


People protest against President Nkurunziza running for a controversial third term.

This continued for a few minutes until the police started advancing. Everyone cleared the road. I stayed put, bang in the middle and looked right down the road toward the army of police marching forward. They raised their guns…. CRACK CRACK.

Oooo shit” I thought. As I started a quick walk over to the side of the road, toward Gildas and Alex and out of the police's line of sight. We were in no mans land - totally in the middle between the police and protesters… and you know what the protesters have???? Rocks. Lots of them.

They started raining down all over us - landing on the ground by our feet and banging as they smashed onto the tin roofs around us. I stood there not too bothered, laughing at Gildas and Alex sheltering against the wrong side of a wall.

There was no other option but to just run out in front of the police, and leg it up the road toward the group, praying that the police don’t decide to open fire. If they do… you’re screwed.

I ran. With my head down and joined up with the stone throwers. I positioned myself, still in the middle of the road, not so clever now I think about it, and snap away at these guys for a few minutes. Down a side road for a different angle, then another few shots ring out.

Rick, Bujumbura, Burundi: 5th June 2015.
  1. i Libya 2011
  2. ii Syria 2012-13
  3. iii Bahrain 2013
  4. iv Somalia 2014
  5. v Iraq 2013-16
  6. vi Burundi 2015